Will Bankruptcy Filings Be Public Knowledge?

I am seriously contemplating filing for a bankruptcy, however there are a number of important questions that I would like to have answered first. For example, will all of the information in the bankruptcy filing end up being public knowledge?

I know that any bankruptcy hearings are heard and processed through a bankruptcy court. These are actually federal courts. I also know that all of the federal courts will have online records through their system that is viewable to the public. However, I would rather not go through something that is going to put a lot of my financial information out there for just anyone to be able to search and gather information from. So, I guess my question is more of how much is shown and accessible by the general public?

The other question that I have is how long all of the information will remain public? Once the time period is up for the bankruptcy to be listed on my credit report, will the information then be taken down off of the online records system?

I still may have to go through with the bankruptcy, but I would like to find out this information either way so that I know what I am going through.

Maggie Ross

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Maggie Ross
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Social media lover and beer specialist. Love cats.

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